How to Create a Particle Transition in Ae With Stardust

Noble Kreative shows how to use Stardust to create a digital particle transition effect, perfect for animated reveals.

Typically Noble Kreative’s After Effects tutorial shows how you can create complex-looking effects using standard Ae tools. Every once in a while, though, the tutorials cover popular Aeplugins, like this one that uses Stardust.

Check out Khayati’s latest that shows how you can create a digital particle transition, or a digital particle logo reveal using Stardust for After Effects. Stardust is more than a simple particle system for After Effects. The plugin supports things like a volumetric workflow, 3D objects and instances, and lots more.

About Najib Khayati. 

Najib Khayati is the CEO and founder of Noble Kreative, Visual Artist, Motion Designer, Cinematographer & Photographer. You can help the tutorial efforts by becoming a patron.