How You Can Sculpt Dinosaurs using Nomad

SouthernGFX posts a look into sculpting a detailed dinosaur using Nomad Sculpt on the iPad.

Glen Southern (SouthernGFX) posts a look at creating a detailed creature, sculpting with Nomad Sculpt on a tablet. The tutorial comes as a free excerpt from a new course offered by SouthernGFX. 

If you are looking for a course to get you up and running sculpting on an iPad, look no further.

“This video will give you a glimpse at the second Nomad sculpting course that we are about to release, and it’s all about how to sculpt a Tyrannosaurus rex.”

The tutorial shows how to pose your models, and it gives you an idea of how the creature sculpting course focuses on structured workflows that lead you to a point where you can pose your models to this level. 

“Dinosaur sculpting is such fun! It’s time you created your own Trex design.”