Nomad Vs. Forger, Which Comes Out on Top?

Glen Southern discusses the pros and cons behind the two powerhouse tablet sculpting apps.

Firstly, two things can exist without one being more terrible than the other. But it can be relevant and sometimes beneficial to know the differences between the two tools. This was undoubtedly the case between Octane and Redshift early on, and now with Nomad Sculpt and Forger. While both are powerful tools for artists, Glen Southern (SouthernGFX) describes the similarities and differences of the pair. 

“Which iPad sculpting app? This question is the one I get asked every day. Literally. Should I choose Nomad Sculpt or Forger App? Well, now I think it’s time I answered it, and there are a few reasons why.”

Maxon recently bought Forger App, likely looking to round out its offerings.

Southern says that “3d sculpting software has changed so much in recent years, and a whole new sector of digital sculpting apps is around the corner.”