Check Out Mathias Røyrvik’s Maya 2022 Component Tag and Falloff Experiments

Mathias Røyrvik shows off some of his tests with Maya’s new rigging features, like component tags and falloffs.

Maya 2022 had many huge features like USD integration, but it also has some game-changing rigging tools. “It’s been a week since Autodesk released Maya 2022 and with it one of the biggest updates to the Maya rigging tools in quite some time!” says Mathias Røyrvik, Rigging Lead at Rodeo FX.

A new post from Røyrvik (with some example videos) offers a quick look at some of the rigging-based features in Maya 2022. The post mostly has a focus on using Falloffs, Proximity Bind, and Component Tags.

“Playing with this I made a couple of videos that I posted on Twitter to show what we could now do with this new system. I’ve collected some of those videos below in better quality.”

Check out Mathias’ post for Maya 2022 Falloffs Quick Look here.