How to Create a Natural-Looking Paintbrush Reveal in After Effects

Ben Marriott shows how to create a paintbrush reveal for type in After Effects.

Writing on type is a topic that gets a lot of coverage in the After Effects community. Likely because there is no defacto or super-easy way to create this effect. We’ve seen plenty of tools that help. Arguably the best in this category is Plugin Everything’s AutoFill.

If you want a little more control or a lot more style to your brush reveal effects, check out this new tutorial from Ben Marriott. The tutorial covers how to create a natural-looking paintbrush reveal in After Effects and then uses that effect to write-on type.

About Ben Marriott.

Ben Marriott is a freelance motion designer, illustrator, chihuahua owner, and polite person based in Sydney. Marriott has worked on projects for Buck, Google, Emirates, Converse, Dropbox, Twitter, Coca-Cola, KFC & Redbull.