How to Transfer Texture to Voxels in C4D

Athanasios Pozantzis shows how to transfer textures to voxels using Vertex Color Tags.

A little while ago, Athanasios Pozantzis showed some voxel-based techniques in Cinema 4D, showing how you could create and render voxel grids. A new tutorial from Pozantzis follows that theme, but this time shows how you can transfer textures to Voxels from the original model. 

The technique makes use of the Vertex Color Tag and the Plain Effector in C4D. “In this video, I will show you how to transfer Textures to the Voxels using a Vertex Color Tag and a Plain effector.” Pozantzis says.

“This will allow you to colorize your Voxels to match the original Object’s Texture.”

About Athanasios Pozantzis.

Also known as the Noseman, Pozantzis makes 3D educational content about Cinema 4D for He also has a couple of courses for and Linked-in Learning.