An Introduction to Supervised Tracking With SynthEyes

Matthew Merkovich dives into the theory behind supervised tracking using SynthEyes.

Two of my favorite things, or more accurately, one favorite thing and one favorite person is SynthEyes and Matthew Merkovich. SynthEyes is Andersson Technologies’s object, camera, geometry, and planar tracking software, and Matthew Merkovich is a VFX Supervisor who knows SynthEyes inside and out. Merkovich recently posted a look into how supervised tracking works in SynthEyes with this short 16-minute video.

“This video covers a lot of theory behind supervised tracked and even went into a discovery of why SynthEyes was failing on auto-tracking our challenging shot,” Merkovich says about the posting. “In the next video, we’ll be getting away from the theory and a lot more into the practical.” I’ll post part 2 here when it becomes available.