New U-Render Release Supports DOF, HDR Environments, and More

U-Render gets better depth of field and Cinema 4D S24 support.

U-RENDER visual technology just announced the latest release for U-Render, a physical real-time rendering plugin for Cinema 4D. Release 2021.6 improves on the DOF effects, adds three new HDR environment presets, and supports Cinema 4D S24.




Klagenfurt, Austria – June 15th, 2021 – U-RENDER visual technology GmbH announced the latest update of U-RENDER, the real-time render engine developed by the company. 

While the U-RENDER developers are working on migrating the rendering architecture from OpenGL to DirectX, this update focuses on empowering features, adding new environments, and improving the overall workflow to give the users a better real-time rendering experience. 

Release 2021.6 brings a much-improved Depth of Field effect that now has better foreground/background separation and the support for Bokeh. 

Furthermore, U-RENDER added three new HDR environments presets to provide more options for a quick light setup using image-based lighting. 

Following the release of Cinema 4D S24 by Maxon last month, U-RENDER introduces Cinema 4D S24 support and delivers the new DirectX viewport integration (a beta version) that allows fully integrated high-quality real-time rendering. Moreover, the software now offers the possibility to choose a material texture resolution for the Cinema 4D viewport for U-Render materials. 

The new version of the real-time software U-RENDER has additional improvements, fixes, and changes. Here is a short abstract of some of them: Light commands now respect shift and alt key modifiers to place the created light source as parent or child in the Object Manager. 

The material presets are now available from the Material Manager’s U-RENDER menu and from the Create menu. Furthermore, materials now have an option to increase the texture preview resolution for the Cinema 4D viewport.