Getting Started With OptiX Denoise With Arnold

Reza Sarkamari shows how you can get started with the OptiX Denoise in Maya using Arnold.

Arnold has two flavors of denoising tools, and both of those you can use as Imagers, a post-rendering effect. Check out this new tutorial from Reza Sarkamari that shows off one of those, the OptiX Denoiser, the one based on Nvidia’s AI technology.

Reza shows how you can work with Optix Denoise as an imager in Arnold under Autodesk Maya, a technique that can get your render times down considerably. “…it is integrated into Arnold for use with IPR as an imager so that you get a very quickly denoised image as you’re moving the camera and making other adjustments.”

Arvid Schneider recently did a look into speeding up render times and denoise was a huge part of significant savings.

About Reza Sarkamari.

Reza Sarkamari has nearly two decades in the industry under his belt and is a Maya Certified Professional, a Nuke Certified Trainer, and an Adobe Certified Specialist.