Nomad Sculpt Gets New Radial Symmetry Feature

SouthernGFX has a look at working with the new Radial Symmetry functionality in Nomad Sculpt.

A new version of Nomad Sculpt sees some new and perhaps well-requested functionality – Radial Symmetry, a crucial function in so many sculpting applications and workflows. Glen Southern shows how the new feature works in Nomad and says, “The Nomad app just got the ability to use Radial Symmetry, and this week, we take a quick look at how you use it and see how it can help you in your modeling.”

“Radial symmetry in Nomad is a type of symmetry that radiates from a central point. You can see it in nature in a creature like a starfish and of course lots of plants. You can see it in manufactured things like wheels and even on a plain vase.”

Nomad Sculpt is a painting and sculpting application for mobile devices, like an iPad, that features an extensive toolset and an intuitive UI.