A Look at How Data Flows in Maya’s Dependency Graph

Mathias Røyrvik looks into how data flows through the dependency graph in Maya and how to use it to your advantage.

A new (ish) suite of videos from senior technical artist Mathias Røyrvik runs through how data flows through Autodesk Maya’s Dependency Graph, and more importantly, how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

Everything is Nodes.

Besides basic scene hierarchy, Maya’s dependency graph is a behand-the-scenes set of instructions on how to get the scene from scratch. Understanding how data flows through that graph is a valued foundation in using the DG to your advantage.

Maya Data Flow.

“These videos cover topics that I think are incredibly important to understand to allow anyone, not just riggers, to work well with Maya.” Røyrvik notes about the series. Visit Røyrvik’s full post on Maya Data Flow here.

About Mathias Røyrvik

Mathias Røyrvik is a Lead Rigging Artist at RodeoFX and the former Lead Rigging TD at MPC_Film.