How to Make Plants Blow in the Wind With Houdini

Stormz shows how you can make a wind sim for plants in Houdini using Vellum.

The versatility of Houdini’s Vellum solver never ceases to amaze. It’s a flexible system that is useful in many areas, even simulating skin and muscles. This new tutorial from Stormz shows how you can use Vellum for an easy wind setup for blowing plants around.

The tutorial shows how easy the setup is in Houdini. Plants and vegetation lend themselves well to procedural workflows. 

More Houdini Plant Tutorials.

Check out this tutorial from Fabricio Chamon’s who showed how to auto-rig and simulate plants in Houdini. It’s a fast way to create interactions with your plant assets that you could use for various purposes.

Alejandro Pérez Sánchez has a pretty good tutorial for building a fern from scratch in Houdini.

And finally, Rohan Dalvi demonstrated an easy way to create growing vines and ivy type of effect in Houdini