A First Look at Moho 13

McCoy Buck offers a first look at the new Moho 13.

It’s been a little over three years since we’ve seen any significant upgrades to Moho, the low-cost yet powerful character animation tool. Coming soon however is a new Moho 13 that cleans up some workflows while adding some new features too. Animator and Moho trainer McCoy Buck unwraps what’s under the hood and on deck for Moho and uncovers some of the latest additions.

The animation app now gets a new freehand brush tool as part of its new bitmap drawing capabilities. Adding a bitmap workflow like this will make it easier to draw and add texture to your characters and objects. Moho also can animate bitmaps frame by frame, letting users work by a traditional animator’s workflow. Bitmap Frame by Frame Capabilities creates classic style animations directly in Moho by combining the new Moho bitmap tools and image-based Frame by Frame layer. Or speed up your workflow by creating a storyboard or animatic right in Moho.

Also on deck for the update is a new actions window that will allow users to search for actions with keywords. Users can organize actions by creating groups, subgroups, and tags.

Moho 13 adds better integration between 3D objects and 2D elements. You can adjust lighting and materials to match the 2D scene, blurring the lines between what is 3D or 2D in the project.