Fast Houdini Disintegration Effects for C4D Users

Liam Clisham shows how you can get motion graphics like PolyFX disintegration effect with Houdini.

This new tutorial from Five31 Liam Clisham shows how easy it is to get a mograph style disintegration effect, like the kind from PolyFX in Cinema 4D. Only much more flexible and robust in Houdini, using a Primitive SOP.

Liam covers the power of the Primitive SOP in Houdini and uses its template capabilities. “We can quickly make mograph style disintegration effects, or if you’re coming from Cinema4D, a better PolyFX tool.”

The tutorial does assume you have some basic understanding of Houdini but is generally pretty beginner-friendly. “Also, a big shoutout to MOPs (Motion Operators) makes this process 100 times easier.”

About Liam Clisham.

Liam Clisham is a creative and motion designer from the Baltimore region. You can find more about him and his work at