How to Automatically Size Text to a Shape Layer

Ukramedia shows how you can automatically size text layers in After Effects.

With After Effects, a nice trick is to automatically adjust the size of the text to fit a graphic box behind it. Of course, you could manage this manually, but after a while, it gets tedious with a lot of layers. Check out this new tutorial from Ukramedia’s Sergei Prokhnevskiy that shows his method for how to automatically size text to a shape layer in Afer Effects.

Of course, the key to the tutorial comes through using expressions in Ae. It’s worthwhile to note that the subject of auto-adjusting type in After Effects is a popular one. Lots of users find it a dilemma to manage what should be a simple task in a motion graphics application. There are lots of plugins and techniques that cover creating an auto-adjusting type and graphic combination.