Cavalry is Adding JavaScript Support

The new beta for Cavalry sees the foundations of JavaScript support in a few different areas.

A new beta of the Scene Group’s Cavalry introduces JavaScript support for scripting, controlling things, and user interfaces. Check out these two demos by Ian Waters that show that JavaScript is available in a few different places. That includes a new JavaScript editor, WebAPI’s, JavaScript layers, pre, and post-render scripts, and UI-based scripts. 

“The video was made with a Beta version of Cavalry, so some aspects of what you see may change in future releases.” Waters writes. Please send your feedback by contacting the team via the dedicated Scripting channel on Discord here:

About Scene Group:

Scene was founded in the UK in 2019 and was born out of internationally renowned motion design studio Mainframe ( Its mission is to create the tools that empower motion designers and animators to do their best work.