Multiverse USD Adds New Hydra VP2 Viewport

Multiverse USD Adds New Hydra VP2 Viewport

Multiverse USD 7 gets a new Hydra seamless and high-performance viewport in Maya.

J Cube Inc recently announced Multiverse USD 7, the industry-leading USD solution for Autodesk Maya. Multiverse USD 7 offers a new high-performance Hydra-based VP2 viewport that provides a high-performance draw when using many compounds and seamless selection and interaction in Maya. The Hydra-based viewport also gives strategic draw modes that allow working with what might seem like impossibly large scenes that have lots of shading & lighting effects.

Other features include:

  • New ability to write shading networks to USD as assets and overrides for both DCC-interchange and procedural rendering
  • A faster MEOW panel with better performance, persistence, multi-tabs, prim count; a new de-instancing ability
  • Maya®2022 with Python 2 & 3 support, updated USD 21.11 libraries
  • Asset Resolver 2.0
  • and tons of other more minor features, improvements & bug-fixes

Discover some of the other new features in Multiverse USD 7 here.