Multiverse USD Adds USDZ Viewport Rendering, OpenPipe, and More

Multiverse USD 7.1 adds live hierarchy importer and USDZ rendering in Hydra and 3Dlight.

J Cube Inc recently released Multiverse | USD v7.1 with both FREE and PRO versions available immediately. The release might sound like a point update, but it’s a significant release with huge features. Multiverse adds Hierarchy Importer for USD for round trip workflows with the live connection, USDZ rendering with both the Hydra and 3Dlight NSI.

Multiverse commissions the same feature set and a consistent experience in all versions of Maya, including 2018 /19 /20 /23, on all python 27 /37 /39, for all platforms Win, macOS & Linux.

Multiverse USD 7.1 Adds:

  • Sub/Full Hierarchy Importer for USD<>Maya round trips with Multiverse “live connection.” It also supports USD instances and USD point instancers.
  • OpenPype integration, fully open source
  • Prism 2.0 beta integration
  • USDZ rendering in the HydraVP2 Viewport (including any USD file with usdPreviewSurface networks)
  • USDZ rendering in 3Delight NSI (including any USD file with usdPreviewSurface networks)
  • Composition Writing of layers as “USD SubLayers.”
  • Asset Writing of Maya instances as “USD Inherits.”
  • Support for multiple Redshift versions (3.0.67+ and 3.5.03+ currently)
  • VRay 4.3+ and 5.2+
  • Arnold 7.1+ & Mtoa 5.1+
  • Maya 2023 with py39

Multiverse also has a new reduced price and a simplified purchase experience by allowing to buy a custom number of licenses directly from the website.

Learn more about the Multiverse USD 7.1 release here.