Fixing the Maya Numeric Input Field

Stephen Mann works through the numeric input field issue and offers a fix.

A little-known tool in Maya is the numeric input line which allows artists to select by name, rename, manipulate, translate, rotate and scale multiple objects and components. It’s a little hidden, but it makes a lot of things in Maya much more convenient. I, for one, use this all the time to bulk-rename objects.

Stephen Mann notes that some of the functionality in the input field broke a while ago, in 2016, and never returned. 

One thing to mention is that it doesn’t work correctly on pivots, and it doesn’t respect pivots’ position and orientation. Another issue is that the hotkey to set focus to the fields doesn’t work when you set it to rename or select. 

Mann offers a simple script that fixes a few things.

It Fixes two issues with Maya’s numeric input field

  • moving multiple pivots issue is fixed
  • hotKey to take your cursor to the numeric input field fixed
  • fixes the numeric input field’s current manipulators’ position use.

Get the numericInputFieldFixesForMaya script here.