Limber Lite is a Free Version of Limber for After Effects

Animatable makes Limber Lite for After Effects for free, making Limber more accessible.

Limber is one of those tools that become indispensable if you do a lot of character animation in After Effects. Yet, with all the tools for AE, some people might be missing out on encountering yet another price tag. Now, the team behind Limber, Animatable, offers Limber Lite.

Limber Lite.

Limber Lite is a free version of Limber, the quickest and easiest way to get started with character animation in After Effects.

Limber Lite will represent a sea-change for total newbies who aren’t ready to commit to the expense of a commercial product or the sometimes daunting prospect of learning a more complex tool.

It’s also an excellent option for teachers and trainers who want to introduce their audience to the power of IK-based character animation simply and robustly.

Limber Lite has just two buttons in its UI. The first button makes a Limber bone – our fastest and simplest limb, based on a single path and stroke. These are the same bones that the full version of Limber makes, and they’re fully compatible if users decide to upgrade. There are no built-in limitations to how many bones you can generate or how you use them. The second button takes users to the Animatable website to check out the full version. And that’s it. Very, very simple and intuitive.

Get Limber Lite here.