How to Get Great Renders With ZBrush BPR

Using some great tips, Pablo Muñoz Gómez shows how to get the best renders from Zbrush Best Preview Render.

Zbrush has a quick renderer that lets you quickly get a final image from your sculpts. The Best Preview Render or BPR enables you to render a model in Edit mode using high-quality anti-aliasing at the full document size.

This new tutorial from Pablo Muñoz Gómez covers many tips for working with the Zbrush BPR to get the best images possible.

“I cover a few tips and tricks to rendering your models inside ZBrush with a single BPR pass and some filters to enhance the look of the image,” Gómez says about the tutorial.

The tutorial shows you how to use the Material Shading filters to blend different materials at render time and how to mask the effect of the filters to produce an excellent-looking image for presentation.