How to Animate Growth in Houdini Using VDBs

Nick Medukha shows how to animate growth using VDBs in Side FX Houdini, plus some other tricks.

This new tutorial from Nick Medukha shows how to create a growth effect in Side FX Houdini using VDB Pyro points. This beginner-friendly Houdini and Redshift tutorial shows how to work with VDB and Pyro Point Growth in Houdini and Vellum to create a coating effect.

The tutorial covers points from volume, Pyro Source Spread, POPnet dynamics based on attributes, and more.

Recently the pyro tools in Houdini had a bit of a refresh. Check out Rohan Dalvi’s dive into what’s new. More Pyro FX nodes moved into SOPs, and new 3D handles offer a better viewport experience. Check out this tutorial from Kate Xagoraris that also covers working with source spread.