How to Make Growth Effects With Pyro Source Spread

Kate Xagoraris shows how to use Houdini’s Pyro Source Spread to create growth effects.

This new tutorial from Kate Xagoraris shows how you can use Houdini’s pyro tools for something other than smoke and fire. Kate walks through Pyro Source Spread SOP to create an animated growth effect.

Recently the pyro tools in Houdini had a bit of a refresh. Check out Rohan Dalvi’s dive into what’s new. More Pyro FX nodes moved into SOPs, and new 3D handles offer a better viewport experience.

About Kate Xagoraris.

Kate Xagoraris is a visual effects artist at Mr. X. She writes articles on exploring Houdini better and incorporating its tools with science in her spare time. You can check out her work here.