Working With the New Material Stacking in Redshift C4D

Dimitris Katsafouros looks at material stacking in Redshift and shows how it can save time in C4D.

Recently the Maxon team released a new Redshift Renderer that added Material Stacking in Cinema 4D similar to C4D’s standard or physical materials. The new feature is a bit of a misnomer if you deem materials to be shaders.

Material Stacking is more like projecting textures live in the 3D viewport if you are familiar with other work-related DCCs. So you are not stacking materials but rather stacking elements to make materials.

Dimitris Katsafouros covers the latest version of Redshift (3.5.08) and shows material stacking, meaning that you no longer have to rely on UVs to combine multiple graphical elements; you can do it right within the Cinema 4D Viewport.