How to Model a House Plant Procedurally in Houdini

The CGI Nerd uses procedural techniques to model a house plant in Houdini.

This new CGI Nerd Alejandro Perez tutorial runs through some of the basics of creating models procedurally in Side FX Houdini. Perez shows how to create a snake plant and pot and makes custom attribute controls to vary the look of the final result.

Nodes drive everything in Houdini, so technically, all modeling is procedural. Perez covers how those nodes can come together to make something relatively straightforward.

More on Creating and Animating Plants in Houdini.

Check out This tutorial from Stormz shows how you can use Vellum for an easy wind setup for blowing plants around. The tutorial shows how easy the setup is in Houdini. Plants and vegetation lend themselves well to procedural workflows.

This tutorial from Daniel de Carvalho walks through an easy method to create a palm tree in Side FX Houdini.

Check out this tutorial from Fabricio Chamon, who showed how to auto-rig and simulate plants in Houdini.

Alejandro Pérez Sánchez has a good tutorial for building a fern from scratch in Houdini.

And finally, Rohan Dalvi demonstrated an easy way to create growing vines and ivy type of effect in Houdini.