Working With a Bifrost Procedural Polygon Generator

Roland Reyer walks through a Bifrost Procedural Polygon Generator that can create buildings, bookshelves, and more.

Autodesk’s Roland Reyer shares some insights into a Bifrsot project of his, the Procedural Polygon Generator. Inspired by a presentation that Maxime Jeanmougin gave at the GDC 2022 and the work of Akira Saito, Reyer walks through his Procedural Polygon Generation system in Bifrost under Maya.

“My system works similarly to the one Maxime described. Polygons are split and extruded. The newly created polygons are assigned face tags, which are collections of faces to which further operations can be applied.” Reyer says about the setup.

The system’s Extrude function is by HeyDoubleU from the Discord group “Bifrost Addicts.”

Bifrost Addicts on Discord.

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