How to Create Abstract Images With Cloth in Cinema 4D

Derek Kirk shows how to work with the new cloth features in C4D to create pretty abstract images with Redshift.

We’ve all likely seen the Vellum effects and the MS wavey backgrounds, and with the new Cloth tools in Cinema 4D, it’s easy to get onto that aesthetic. This new tutorial from Derek Kirk (Effectatron) shows how easy it is to create that MS background looks using cloth in Cinema 4D, Redshift, and a few tricks along the way.

Maxon added a unified dynamics system to the latest C4D. In many cases, things like cloth, fluids, and more became more manageable.

“In today’s C4D 2023 Redshift we create colorful floaty cloth sims and create a some nice multi color SSS material using Redshift 3.5 Standard Materials and the Node Editor alonf with C4D’s cloth simulations!”