An Easy Way to Animate a Tree in Blender

Sardi Pax shows how to use Blender to realistically animate a tree moving in a breeze using Sapling and Armature.

Trees take effort to make, and they also take time to texture, animate, and render. With Blender, the Sapling addon can make short work of creating hero trees for your scene. In this tutorial, Sardi Pax shows how to animate them waving in a breeze quickly.

Pax shows how to have the tree move naturally in the wind and uses Armatures in Blender to achieve that.

More on Making Trees in Blender.

Games Artist Jose Vega shows a straightforward way to create trees in Blender using sculpting tools and some photoshop work. It all starts with a cube and some painting some leaves in Photoshop.

This tutorial from Lightning Boy Studios offers a guide to creating an Anime style background using Blender. This tutorial runs through how you can make those coveted stylized trees in the style of Studio Ghibli.