How to Render Curves With Blender Grease Pencil

Ilir Beqiri shows the steps for rendering curves with Blender Grease Pencil.

Curves typically don’t render, but some render engines let you. In Blender, you can render curves if you convert them to meshes. According to Ilir Beqiri, you could also use Grease Pencil, which he shows in his latest tutorial.

Keeping the curves and rendering them with Grease Pencil strokes offers some benefits. The tutorial provides two methods for rendering curves and edges, such as using Geometry Nodes for grease pencil strokes in Blender. The first method is for curves, and the second method is for mass geometry edges.

About Ilir Beqiri

Ilir Beqiri is a motion designer who lives and works in Tirana, Albania.