How to Create a Wet Map Attribute Using VOPs and Solver in Houdini

Chetal Gazdar shows how to quickly create a wet map attribute in Houdini using VOPs and a Solver.

Check out this new tutorial by Chetal Gazdar that shows how to make a wet map setup in Side FX Houdini using VOPs and a solver.

The wet map setup will help keep track of the impact of water on the surface and gradually dissolve it. The tutorial covers creating the wet map setup.

Wet Maps by Volume and CHOPs.

Check out this tutorial from Yongji Chen covers a faster and more efficient way to create wet maps in Side FX Houdini using CHOPs. A typical workflow for creating these maps involves subdividing geometry to accommodate the object collisions correctly or at sufficient resolution.

Wet Maps by UVs.

FX TD Fabricio Chamon shows how to create and use wetmaps in SideFX Houdini using UVs. Chamon’s technique for creating the valued map is entirely independent of geometry resolution, which is a nice touch.