Working With Maya USD, Solaris, and Arnold

Lee Griggs shows how to round-trip a Maya USD scene to Houdini Solaris and back again.

Check out this new tutorial by Autodesk’s Arnold Rendering Specialist Lee Griggs that covers exporting a USD from Maya with Arnold shaders into Houdini Solaris. The tutorial also shows how to use Houdini Solaris to add some Arnold properties. Finally, the USD is exported from Solaris back into Maya.

Solaris is Houdini’s Look-Development environment for USD-based scene graphs. Visit this tutorial by ILM Lead Generalist Adrien Lambert that aims to introduce USD and the first dive into Houdini and Solaris, one of the first to jump onto the open-source scene description wagon. In Houdini, Lambert shows how to manage USD through LOP nodes.