An ACES Workflow for 3D Renders in Davinci Resolve

Zak shows how to finalize 3D Renders using ACES with Davinci Resolve, including export to social media and more.

This new tutorial by i_go_by_zak talks about 3D renders in Resolve, showing a couple of ways to work with ACES and color management of EXRs, compositing multi-layer renders in the Fusion Page of Resolve, and touches on Scopes and Color Correction and export settings that include a Social Media focus.

Zak says, “I LOVE that I don’t have to switch between different programs to publish a render, animatic edit, comping multi-layer EXRs, professional color grading tools, and full-featured audio authoring in the Fairlight tab, to final output, in one program.” That’s a significant benefit of working with something like Davinci Resolve.