Watch the Updated ACES Workflow Between Cinema 4D and After Effects Beta

Zak shows off the new and updated workflow for managing color between C4D and After Effects using ACES.

Why any developer would leave something as important as input/output and color management to third-party developers is beyond me. I’m talking about After Effects here. That seems to be in the past. The Beta version of Adobe After Effects has ACES color management right out of the box.

That means I no longer have to show students a convoluted 10-step process to get consistent colors between 3D renders and After Effects. At the same time, virtually every other application takes care of these things instantly.

ACES Workflow Natively.

What does that ACES workflow look like now? i_go_by_zak updates a previous tutorial to show how easy the process is with the After Effects Beta involved.

“Now that Cinema 4D 2023 has implemented OpenColorIO & ACES and After Effects will soon be doing the same.”

Zak walks through what these changes mean for our ACES workflow.