Getting Started With the Light Mixer in Unreal Engine

Adam Zollinger covers using Unreal Engine’s Light Mixer for Archviz rendering.

Unreal Engine added a light mixer system in version 5.1. If you’ve ever worked with the Light Mixer tools in V-Ray, Arnold, or Corona Render, you understand how effective a post-rendering lighting workflow is.

Here, Archviz Artist Adam Zollinger demonstrates the basics of using the light mixer and shows how artists can use it to change the mood of their scenes quickly and easily or get all the different lights perfectly balanced.

“Getting the lighting just right is a huge contributor to the success of any image, and the light mixer just makes lighting so intuitive.”

About Adam Zollinger.

Zollinger is a professional architectural visualization (arch viz) artist for FFKR Architects. Check out Learn Arch Vis here.