Creating Softbody Simulation for Complex Objects in Blender

Bradley Animation shows how to create Softbody simulations for complex objects in Blender through instancing and more.

Cloth and Softbody animations are fun to create but can be unwieldy if your geometry is too complex. This tutorial by Bradley Animation shows how to jump that hurdle and offers a workflow and some tips for working with more complex geometry for simulations.

The tutorial covers a basic cloth setup for the Softbody sim. It shows how to create a geometry instance for Cloth Simulations and uses a Mesh Deform Modifier to bind.

Pixxo 3D Juandre (Jay) Labuschagne shows how to manage and control cloth simulations in Blender using pinning methods in a somewhat related tutorial.

Juandre shows how to create a pin group and how to include vertices in that group to limit simulation interactions. Visit that tutorial here.