How to Create Quick Masks in Substance 3D Painter

Vincent Gault shows a beginner’s tip for creating quick masks in Adobe Substance 3D Painter.

Vincent GAULT’s (CGVINNY) latest tutorial is a beginner’s tip on creating quick masks in Substance 3D Painter, yet I just found out you could create quick masks in Painter (likely because my workflow is 98% fill layers). However, it’s worth noting that 3D Painter, like Photoshop, has a quick mask mode.

Vincent GAULT is the Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe Substance 3D and often shares these tips to enhance your texturing workflow, and this one certainly did. Another great workflow tip from Gault showed how to install and use the Parting Shut Line Tool he created that works with the 3D path feature of Substance 3D Painter. Visit that tutorial here.