How to Recreate the Akira Bike Slide With C4D, Redshift, and the YMA Toon Shader

You And Me Academy show how the YMA Toon Shader for Redshift in Cinema 4D can get the same feel and spirit as a classic Anime film.

This new You and Me Academy tutorial shows how they recreated the classic bike slide scene from Akria using Cinema 4D, Redshift, and their YMA Toon Shader.

The YMA Toon Shader for Redshift is a shader that allows artists to create without worrying about the technicalities of creating a toon shader from scratch. Built for Cinema 4D, the YMA Toon Shader for Redshift is a single Xpresso node that integrates seamlessly into Redshift. The node has 30 preset toon styles and works with all the Redshift features.

The tutorial walks us through the entire process of creating the iconic Akira Slide scene.

“Use these techniques to recreate the look and feel of anime made in the late 80s and early 90s all leveraging the YMA Toon Shader.”

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