How to Block and Organize a Scene in Houdini Solaris and Karma

Inside the Mind continues with his Introduction to Solaris and Karma series and shows how to block in and organize a USD scene in Houdini.

Solaris is Houdini’s USD-based look development, layout, and lighting tools. Solaris integrates with USD’s HYDRA Imaging Framework, meaning you can use render delegates like RenderMan, Arnold, Redshift, and others.

Inside The Mind offers a starter’s guide to working with Solaris and Karma within Houdini 20 and the latest installment on how to block in and organize scenes in Houdini.

“As we continue to go through the Introduction to Solaris and Karma, we start to block out our scene. As we block out the scene, we look at implementing techniques we previously talked about to organize our scene.”