How to Create Bubbling Mud With a Fluid Sim in Blender

Sardi Pax uses a simple fluid simulation setup to show how to create bubbling mud in Blender.

Blender has a few options for creating fluidsSardi Pax uses the default fluid simulation system to show how to make a volcanic bubbling mud effect in Blender.

Pax breaks down the process step-by-step, making it easy for beginners to follow along.

Here are the steps covered in the video:

  • Add a curve, mesh plane, and a cube
  • Subdivide the mesh plane and add a subdivision surface modifier to it
  • Add a material to the mesh plane and a light source
  • Add another cube and shrink it
  • Set the cube to quick effects, a quick liquid
  • Lower the resolution of the fluid simulation
  • Select the plane and set it to fluid effector
  • Increase the resolution of the fluid simulation
  • Add a sphere collection and parent them to the curve
  • Rotate the curve on the Y-axis to animate the spheres
  • Set all the spheres to fluid type and copy the fluid modifier from one sphere to all the others
  • Bake the fluid simulation
  • Adjust the domain settings and turn off border collisions
  • Increase the viscosity of the fluid
  • Bake the fluid simulation again at a higher resolution
  • Raise the mesh plane to enclose the fluid
  • Reduce the amount of fluid
  • Turn off the visibility of the spheres
  • Increase the resolution of the fluid simulation
  • Add a material to the fluid