Add After Effects Layers Quickly Bypassing Settings, Dialogs

By default you are able to create new layers in After Effects quite easily. This doesn’t mean that this can’t be improved upon. What if you are the type that likes to build out everything you will need for a project before stating to work on it?

Quickly add new layers to your composition

Then creating the various layer types, setting switches for those layers, and dealing with the options dialogs can slow you down quite a bit.

Adding After Effects Layers in Bulk

This is where Quick Add for After Effects comes in. The Quick Add script offers a small dockable panel that will allow you to create any type of Ae layer. You can even set the switches for those layers before they are built.

Being able to set collapse transformations, motion blur and 3D switches before you create the layers you need. Quick Add remembers all the last options set making it easy to add similar layers to your project.

Quick Add also provides the ability to add a layer directly above your selected layer, offering this capability in all versions of After Effects, not just After Effects CC.

The script will also respect the playhead position, starting the clip where the CTI is.


Quick Add is available from aescripts + aeplugins from author Rob Womack. You can learn more about the Quick Add panel for After Effects here.