Overview for Using emPolygonizer5 in Maya

Recently emPolygonizer has seen an update in emPolygonizer5, launching new features and fixes for multiple applications at once, including Softimage, Modo, Maya and Fabric Engine.

Here, Eric runs through using emPolygonizer5 in Maya with a basic overview showing the setup and and all the the node’s parameters. This is a great example, showing off some of the creative possibilities and what can be possible with such a tool inside of Maya.

emPolygonizer will allow you to dynamically create a mesh from a particle cloud or selected object, offering an extremely quick workflow through a multithreaded meshed core, and does so with extremely low memory usage. This make emPolygonizer completely capable of “meshing” dozens of millions of particles without really breaking a sweat.

You can learn more about emPolygonizer 5, check its home at Mootzoid, where you can download and use a demo version, read the documentation and of course, purchase emPolygonizer 5.