Akeytsu, the Next-Generation 3D Animation Tool is Now on Steam

Akeytsu is the 3D animation application that was built from the ground up for animators. It was conceived to offer an intuitive solution for fast and easy rigging and animation. Really, it represents what can be done by rethinking the animation pipeline and how people use animation software.

Akeytsu technically is still under an “early access” license. Recently however, nukeygara, the creators of the next-generation animation tools, has launched Akeytsu Indie early access on Steam. What’s more is that you can save 10% off the indie 3D animation app until October 5, 2016.

Akeytsu has some great 3D animation features. For one, rigging has undergone an amazing simplification. There is only 1 type of skeleton in Akeytsu that handles everything. This means that you don’t have to use multiple skeletons to create an IK/FK rig. The controls in the next-gem app are also a modern interpretation of rigging controls.

Akeytsu also has the ability to overlay graph editing curves right overtop the animation viewport, essentially integrating the two workspaces. Features like these make Akeytsu a promising contender for artists and animators.