Fayteq Announces 3 Versions of FayIN, Including a Free One

The FayIN plugin for After Effects offers an all-in-one tool for easy camera tracking and inserts, making it as simple as a guided 4 step process. The handy plugin allows you the opportunity to have a simple camera tracking tool that gives great results, without the need to import and export data between various software packages.

Recently ahead of the 2016 IBC show, Feyteq announced that it will be introducing new editions of FayIN. This includes a new free version, a Silver level (equal to the former fayIN version) and the newest in the line with fayIN Gold. FayIN Gold will come with a brand-new feature for exporting tracking data in After Effects. This will enable artists to better integrate 2D and 3D elements in projects.

Brand-new: fayteq releases new editions of fayIN

fayteq introduces brand-new product variants of their, matchmoving plugin for Adobe® After Effects® CC, at IBC Show
With IBC Show starting this week, fayteq relaunches its matchmoving plugin fayIN® in three new editions. After the product launch in 2015 at IBC Show, the plugin was immensely developed and even optimized. Now, one year later, fayteq surprises the community with the relaunch of their Adobe® After Effects® CC plugin for easy matchmoving.


New editions

fayteq relaunches fayIN, the camera tracker for easy content integration in videos, with new product variants and features. The plugin is available for purchase in these versions:

  • fayIN® Free is a rather limited version for non-commercial projects, especially addressed to hobbyists and private video enthusiasts. It features the possibility to track static objects with the help of the rectangle region tracker. Users can modify their track with the Corner Correction and integrate 2D elements easily and quickly. fayIN Free is available for download at fayteq’s website.
  • fayIN® Silver is dedicated for professional video editors who like to facilitate their matchmoving workflow for commercial concerns. It corresponds to the former fayIN version, including the whole range of functions that are necessary for a professional matchmoving workflow (e. g. rectangle and mask region tracker, manual adjustments of the virtual and base plane, Corner Correction). A further new feature is motion blur. fayIN Silver is available for 12 months (€84.00/ ~ $94.40) and lifetime use (€149.00/ ~ $167.50).
  • fayIN® Gold, also available for 12 months (€155.00/ ~ $174.20) and lifetime use (€299.00/ ~ $ 336.00), comes with long-awaited feature of exporting tracking data, which enables users to easily integrate 3D content in their videos, using their usual After Effects CC workflow. fayIN Gold is for all 3D and Motion Graphic Artists who like to benefit from an innovative tracking approach.

All versions are available at www.fayteq.com/fayIN/pricing.

Exclusive first look for IBC Show and SuperMeet attendees

According to fayteq, visitors at IBC Show 2016 and CPUG SuperMeet will have an exclusive first look at the new versions of the plugin and can watch regularly live demos at the fayteq’s booth J.02 in Hall 7. The fayteq team looks forward to meeting you there.