Adding Inserts Easily Using fayIN and After Effects

If you only do tracking and replacements or inserts once an a while, a simple tool like fayIN might be right for you. Fayteq’s fayIN is designed to be an all-in-one tracking and inserts tool for After Effects. The plugin rethinks the paradigm of tracking workflows and concatenates it into a simple user-guided workflow.

Have a look at how easy it is to work with fayIN, with fayteq’s latest tutorial showing how you can create tracks and inserts for footage of a room in a few simple steps. FayIN really excels at this kind of thing.

The plugin uses a hybrid planar and 2d/3d tracker system. The guided workflow lets you focus on creating content rather than manually adjusting and processing tracking planes. All you have to do is add a track, hit start, select your insert (an animated comp) and you are done.