German Tech company fayteq AG has begun to take on pre-sale orders for FayOUT, their automated object removal plugin for After Effects. You may recall the company came on to the VFX scene a whole back, with FayIN. The FayIN plugin for Ae relied on Fayteq’s almost magical trading algorithms to create an easy solution for inserting objects into a scene.

What if you could remove objects easily and quickly from your video content without complex and manual work steps?

Using the same technology base, FayOUT allows you to just as easily remove unwanted elements and objects from a shot. This is really the core work behind any visual effects shot, where creating a clean plate is an essential task in the workflow.

FayOUT uses the same “just do it” ideology for the plugin’s workflow. All you have to do is select the object, track and remove, and that is pretty much it — does seem a little like magic. Of course, you’re results might vary based on the type of shot or elements that need removal.

Pre-sales might mean that they are not too far from a completed product. To learn more about FayOUT, check out the page at Fayteq.