FayIn Release Adds Improved Tracking Workflow and Usability

Fayteq’s FayIn offers a unique insight and approach to the typical tracking workflow making tracking easier for After Effects users.  Recently, a new version for FayIn has hit the streets. It incorporates some user suggestions, improved workflows, making it easier to use that ever before.

FayIn adds user modes, letting you switch between beginner mode and export mode. Beginner mode offers user guided tracking, giving you step by step instructions to help you along. You can now use FayIn without having any experience with After effects or the plugin itself.

The new version also improves creating inserts by giving you a great new one-click insert feature, consequently speeding up the tracking workflow. Now you can easily create text layer sub-comps as insert for your tracks with a click of the mouse.

FayIn now makes it easy to cut and align clips in Adobe Premiere. You can create an Adobe’s dynamic link to automatically create an After Effects comp from a clip, to track with FayIn. When tracking is and inserting is done, just switch back to the Premiere project.

Check out the tutorial on the fayIN workflow with Adobe Premiere at our tutorial section:

New features at a glance

FayIn sees some smaller improvements to the UI and plugin, like new buttons, progress bars and bug fixes. New features include:

  • You can now decide between two user modes, an enhanced “Beginner Mode”. Walks you through every step.
  • Text layer sub-compositions can now be easily created through the context menu(s).
  • fayteq has optimized the compatibility with Adobe Premiere. This allows you to create After Effects compositions for portions of Premier footage.
  • Enhanced support for timing properties of layers. Now supporting user-defined in- and out-points. Layer offsets and individual composition start frames.
  • Now the insert effect highlights when a new tracker is started.

For a more complete list of features, you should check out the information page for FayIn at FayTeq.