How Target Bones Work in a Moho Character Rig

Interested in Moho’s character animation capabilities? You need to know about target bones.

Moho is a great tool for creating animation. If you are an After Effects user who wants to get into more character animation, it’s a good idea to leave AE to the vices that it excels at and use Moho for the hardcore animation. That doesn’t mean that Ae users will find Moho easy to use. The workflow and paradigm is quite a bit different than Ae, and it can feel a bit clunky with how the tools work and how to access them. Thankfully, unlike Ae, you are able to change the hotkeys easily, to something that you feel more comfortable with.

As well, some of Moho’s concepts will feel right at home if you are familiar with 3D rigging. Moho has a bone and inverse kinematic system that isn’t too much different. One of the things that does differ slightly is creating, setting and using IK targets (goals, or effectors).

This is done through target bones in Moho, and they are surprisingly simple to set up. Watch McCoy Buck walk us through the process with this quick tutorial that shows how to create them. You can also get an idea for some best practices when creating and using them target bones.

McCoy has a course called the Complete Rigging Course: Moho & Anime Studio that you should check out. Its a comprehensive guide to creating professional character rigs in Moho.

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