Easily Create Animated Noisy Outlines With Moho

If you ever have wondered how you can add that hand-drawn or hand crafted look to your animations using Moho, it is actually quite easy. If you are coming from after effects, you might be familiar with the wiggle paths animator, that allows you to quickly and easily create an animated noisy outline. This makes it look as if the outline changes from frame to frame, as if it were drawn on every frame.

how to achieve a wavy “sketchbook” type effect in Moho

In Moho, this is equally as easy a set up, as shown in this quick tip by Motion Apprentice. On a vector layer in Moho, you can simply turn on the option for noisy outlines, and also have them animate. You have control over the scale, offset, interval, and how many lines you want to use. The only downside is that it is a rendered effect.

This means that you wont be able to see the noisy outlines “live” in the viewer. You need to renderto see exactly what the output will look like. Still, it is a simple little tweak that can add some visual interest to your animations. You can also add a noise animation to fills with the same dialog. Neat!