Have Houdini Particles Follow a Curve

MIX Training has been publishing Houdini Tips and Tricks every Monday, along with a live stream every Wednesday. Pretty amazing. Mix Training is headed up by Mix Studio’s Alvaro Castaneda, a VFX artist who has done work with cmiVFX and now out on his own. The latest, has some great tips for working with Houdini Particles.

Watch as Alvaro shows how you can easily create a system where Houdini particles can follow any path that you designate. Not only is it a cool effect to recreate, it is also the basis for a ton of other amazing looking effects. This makes it a great technique to know.

If you are looking for some other Houdini stuff from MIX, have a look at a basic fracture class, and an introduction to working with Python in Side FX Houdini, both from Mix Training.

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