SynthEyes Adds Full-Featured 3D Export for HitFilm

With the ramp-up for NAB this year, Andersson Technologies have pushed out a number of new scripts and tutorials for SynthEyes. One of the things of note is SynthEyes has a new 3D export for HitFilm Pro 2017, adding to its long list of export support.

Export support details the ability to move a range of items from SynthEyes to HitFilm. This includes support for:

  • Cameras, including both lens distortion workflows.
  • Moving objects (as Point Layer hierarchies, including GeoH hierarchies).
  • Trackers (to Point layers).
  • 3D Planar Trackers become empty comps that can be filled with anything desired.
  • Mesh planes are exported as a Media layer if they are textured, or as an empty comp if not.
  • Arbitrary 3D Meshes are exported and embedded in the project file, including opacity and texture (uses filenames, not embedded data).
  • Lights.

FXHOME’s compositing/editing package has been gathering a lot of steam as an alternative to Creative Cloud —With support from Imagineer Systems’ Mocha tracking tools, Andersson Technologies’ SynthEyes, and a true and unified 3D environment in HitFilm Pro, it is easy to see why.